Located 8 Duras street in the 8th Arrondissement in Paris, FRANCE, the CETI was created by Doctor Ronald VIRAG, who initiated vascular surgery for erectile dysfunction in France. He pioneered medical treatments for erection.


The CETI is dedicated to providing solutions to erectile dysfunction. We guaranty secrecy, listening and expertise.”


The CETI brings its high level experts and medical platform. CETI is a world reference for medical training in penis duplex-scanner (Dr. Hélène SUSSMAN, Dr. Marie-Noëlle LABASTIE).


The CETI functions as a network with radiologists specialized for penis vein and artery CTAs, urologists, endocrinologists, sexologists, psychologists and numerous cardiovascular specialists.


Professor ALLAIRE, as a member of the CETI, bringing high level and innovative vascular and endovascular surgical solutions.”