Questions you ask yourself

Can medications for erection become inefficient?

Yes. This situation has been reported. After an effectiveness period, medications are not efficient anymore. A vascular disease can be involved.

I have been told that all erectile dysfunctions before the age of 25 are due to psychological disorders. Is it true?

No. According to studies, it is estimated that 1 to 5% of men never had satisfactory erections since adolescence, for non-psychological reasons. Of course, this situation may induce psychological difficulties, sometime severe ones. The cause of impotence in young men is often a venous leakage.

I have been told that my erection disorder is due to a psychological problem. Is it true?

It is possible. However, before making this statement, if the erection problem persists, another cause must be investigated for. A work-up to find a non-psychological cause must be undertaken.

What is sexual performance anxiety?

In our societies, men are under high psychological pressure with regard to erections. This generates anxiety and stress for “not being able to make it”. In fact, stress hormones decrease erections. Erection failure generates stress, etc…

I have been told that my erection problems are due to my diabetes, and that there is nothing to do about it. Is it true?

Not always. A detailed work-up must be undertaken, in order to evaluate the actual impact of diabetes on my erections, in particular with regard to nerve conduction to the penis, arteries and veins. Once the problem is clearly identified, an appropriate solution can be proposed.

Is vascular surgery for venous leakage (surgery for caverno-venous leakage) efficient ?

Yes. A preoperative work-up sets-up the precise diagnosis. We associate different technics during the surgery and proceed to a final test to assess completeness of the procedure.

Can impotence decrease libido (sexual desire)?

Yes. Especially when erection failures are recurrent. It is important to identify the cause of erection dysfunction and to treat it to recover an active libido.

I have been told that erectile dysfunction is a normal feature of ageing, and that one has to get along with it. Is it true?

No. Ageing goes with lower performances of many functions of the body. Erectile performance should be maintained, as for musculature or memory. If erectile dysfunction occurs, and if it is something difficult to cope with, one should not give in. Oftentimes, causes of erectile failure can be treated : hormonal deficiency, vascular disease, etc.