#newbornerectionhealth against a taboo

aby boys
normally have erections

It is unrelated to sex.
It is a reflex in response to skin contact

It is a taboo.
Young parents are not told their baby boy’s erections are normal.

What if a baby boy
has no visible erections ?

Dial science has never asked this question,
but Doctors agree knowing more about baby erections is important.

How to contribute to knowledge
in newborn erections ?

Take two minutes of your time to anonymously
share your mother/father experience

Qu’est ce que les érections du nouveau-né ?

What we know

  • it is a normal body reaction
  • it may be related to erections occurring in young boys, teenagers and adults at night and in morning (more information) (renvoi vers Nouvelles pages du site)
  • it is unrelated to sexual stimulation/desire
  • it starts before birth and can be seen on echography in utero (more information) (renvoi vers Nouvelles pages du site)
  • parents report their baby boy has no erections visible and express anxiety

What we don’t know

  • how frequent baby boy erections are during day/night
  • whether absence of observed erections is a health problem or not
  • whether absence in babyhood is related to erection problems in teenagers and young adults 

Why participate to
#Newbornerectionhealth ?

Present situation

  • many parents are not informed that baby boys have erections and that it is a normal phenomenon
  • baby erections may create unjustified parents’ anxiety
  • conversely, absence of erections may also create parents’ anxiety
  • medical science does not know whether baby’s erection predicts future erections of  teenagers and young adults
  • it is believed that 1 to 4% of men under 25 have no satisfactory erections due to health problems, half of them having vascular abnormalities that can be cured

How #newbornerectionhealth will help in the future?

  • provide ground information on baby boy erections
  • increase awareness on erection disorders in teenagers and young adults
  • help building medical research, in particular to assess whether absence of erections in baby boys should deserve awareness and screening in teenagers and young adults