Diabetes and erectile dysfunction

Diabetes and erectile dysfunction

Diabetes and erectile dysfunction

Diabetes and erectile dysfunction:

Diabetes is one of the first cause of impotence. That’s why erectile dysfunction is one of the sexual disorders that diabetic men complain about. Erectile dysfunction has a significant impact on the quality of life of men regardless of age.

About a third of diabetics patients are affected by a problem of impotence. Many do not dare to talk about it. However, today there are effective treatments.

Link between diabetes and and erectile dysfunction:

Even if the mechanisms at the origin of this link are not yet fully understood, many organic causes have been identified. Professor Eric Allaire clearly explains in this video what the physical mechanisms are. It is important for every patient to fully understand the nature of the link between impotence and diabetes because almost half of diabetic men stop their anti-diabetic treatment following the onset of erectile dysfunction. However, the treatment is not in question.

Diabetes and arteries:

Diabetic patients have a risk of complications in the arteries. This is due to poor blood circulation due to atherosclerotic plaques on one hand, and thickening of the arteries on the other hand. The arteries that bring blood to the penis are very fine. They are therefore among the first arteries affected. The blood no longer irrigates the penis enough to cause a satisfactory erection. Recent studies have even shown that impotence is a marker that precedes by a few years the occurrence of cardiovascular accidents in any patient. This is called a “Sentinel Symptom”.

There may also be neurological causes. That’s why it’s important about your erectile dysfunction to talk to your doctor. He will be able to prescribe the appropriate examinations or refer you to an erectile dysfunction specialist.

Diabetes, erectile dysfunction and sexuality:

Diabetologists are naturally more and more likely to address sexual issues with their patients. Anyway, if you suffer from erectile dysfunction, do not hesitate to raise the issue yourself with your doctor. It’s a real health problem.