How to maintain and improve your erection

How to maintain and improve your erection

How to maintain the quality of your erections throughout your life?

Is it possible to maintain and improve your erection?

This question worries many men. Patients discuss it regularly in consultations with Professor Eric Allaire. First, the quality of erections depends on several factors, as for your health in general. There is a genetic part and an acquired part. However, through our behavior, we can have an impact on the quality of our erections. Of course, we will not be able to act on the genetic part. But in front of these “birth inequalities”, we can improve or worsen the situation.

First, what is harmful for the quality of erections?

Of course, it’s anything bad for the cardiovascular system. For example cholesterol, tobacco and diabetes that clog the arteries. However, there is one determining factor in erectile dysfunction that is more and more common, it is pornography. Recent IFOP studies have shown a correlation between time spent watching pornography and erectile dysfunction. It seems that sexual over-stimulation detached from reality ovoids the erectile response in real life. The disturbance is at the cerebral level, by modifying the stimulation threshold as well as the mental representations of sexuality.

Consequently, to improve physical activity,  food and  sleep will help preserving erections quality. As we have seen above, the use of pornography must be limited so that this use does not have a negative impact on erections.

Improving your erections: Kegel Exercises

There are also specific exercises that target the quality and maintenance of erections. These are the Kregel exercises. By regularly training the muscles of the perineum, we observe an improvement in the quality of erections. Of course there are spécifie medications as Viagra and Cialis.

So, as you see, it is possible to maintain and improve your erection. Your erections also depend on you. Find more information on my YouTube channel.  

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