Being 20 and never having significant erection: vascular surgery at rescue

being 20 and server having significant erection

Being 20 and never having significant erection: vascular surgery at rescue

Never having significant erection : For those young men no sexual intercourse is possible and silence is the rule. How many are they? 1% to 5% -no precise data is available. No strong or long-lasting erection is possible since the beginning of sexual life. Early morning erections are weak, brief, or do not exist at all. Medications for erection are not, or marginally efficient. Who could those young men talk to? Family? Friends? Doctor? If they brake the rule of silence, they will probably be proposed a psychotherapy, which is useful, but will not solve their problem.

In Professor Eric Allaire‘s consultation one in two young men who never had erections suffers venous leakage from the penis, due to a network of abnormal veins around the penis. Blood then escapes too rapidly from the penis (caverno-venous leakage). As a consequence, pressure does not raise sufficiently, and the penis does not harden enough for intercourse. Many patients talk about suicide. Never having significant erection is a terrible anguish especially for young men.

Although erection pills efficiently help 70 to 80% of men with erectile dysfunction, for those young men however, pills or injections are inefficient.

State-of-the-art vascular surgery can nowadays solve their problem and change lives. “” is a website designed for helping those patients with vascular surgery solutions.