Digital Twin and Surgery of the future

Digital Twin and Professor Eric Allaire

Digital Twin and Surgery of the future

Surgery and Digital Twin:

Professor Eric Allaire presented during an exciting conference at the National Academy of Surgery: “Research and daily practice of surgery in the time of the digital twin”. Indeed, it questions the future for surgery in the era of very high data densities?
The digital twin the limitless accumulation of anatomical, biological, psychological information about a patient and their pathology. It will therefore help the surgeon and his team to improve the surgical procedure and its consequences. More precisely, the black box which will contain all the data of the course of an intervention will contribute to inform the patient of the stakes of his surgery and to standardize the surgical behaviors. This is how the surgeon will be helped by algorithms built from a mass of data of which he will however know neither the origin nor the hierarchy of values ​​which will have determined their elaboration. Thanks to this, medicine will be able to analyze the influence of inconspicuous factors on health, discovering new diseases. More specifically, the knowledge and powers of medicine will be redistributed. Professor Eric Allaire helps you understand the link between digital twin and surgery.

Major breakthrough.

Digital twin-enhanced surgery is therefore a major step forward. This is why Professor Allaire to help us better understand the surgery of tomorrow. With simple words we can get a clearer idea of ​​what the surgery of a future not so far from us will be like. Like all innovations in human history there are hopes and fears that accompany this major breakthrough.
What will be the consequences of this hypertransparency conferred by the accumulation of information? The future will tell.

Three question marks:

1. Surgical liability,

2. Freedom,

3. Biodiversity of human thought.

Thank you to the President of the National Academy of Surgery, Pr Albert-Claude BENHAMOU and Dr. Ronald VIRAG for their invitation during the “Metavers and Surgery” session.
Sylvain Ordureau (Vizua)Marc-Olivier GAUCI Arnaud Destainville (Abys Medical)

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