ED Test

ED Test

ED Test

Allaire ED Test

Every man should learn to perform an “ED test” for himself. Professor Allaire, specialized in ED diagnosis and treatments, has made it simple for any man to know more about his health. As it is very important, Eric Allaire has elaborated a precise and simple ED test. It is a first step to identify an erectile disease. On his website you can find the  “Allaire ED Test“. Very simple to use, it takes less than two minutes to have an answer. You need just to answer 10 short questions. After that, you will know if you are likely to have an erectile dysfunction. You will also find out if it has a psychological cause or if it has physical origins.

Determine by yourself:

Now, you can determine by yourself if you have a true erectile disfunction. You will also know wether this erection problem is likely to be psychological or on the contrary caused by an “organic” erection disease. Once you have determined if your “Allaire ED test” points to an organic disease, based on a very simple self-evaluation questionnaire, you need to have a consultation with a specialist. This consultation can be online. It is usefull if you don’t have any doctors specialized in the erectile diseases close to where you live. Professor Allaire has many patients coming from abroad, US, Canada, Asia, Africa, …. Nowadays, hopefully, the technologies help people to reach the best doctors in the world wherever they live.

What’s next?

Depending on the symptoms and the consultation, the specialist will prescribe you a penile duplex sonography, in some cases a penile electromyography or a hormonal blood test. This will help determine the good treatment for each case. Professor Allaire works with a specialized team in Paris France, in a center called the CETI, created by Doctor Ronald VIRAG.

All this is necessary to know what disease causes ED for you. But again, you are the one who will performe the “ED test”.