Impotence and suicidal risk

Impotence and suicidal risk

September 10, 2022 is the 20th World Suicide Prevention Day.How about Impotence and suicidal risk for young men?

Impotence and suicidal risk among young men:

Erectile dysfunction and suicide: is there a link? The question must be asked. To speak out is to act. Indeed, in my consultation the distress and shame of men, especially among young people, is such that the only outcome considered is sometimes death. So, how do you respond to these men when they have the courage to ask for help? They still too often hear themselves say: “It’s in your head, at 20, you don’t have erectile dysfunction!” Yet it is a public health problem: 1 to 2% of men under 25 cannot have sexuality due to severe erectile dysfunction, for which drugs such as Viagra or Cialis are not effective. . What if we could save lives by letting people know that there is a disease that causes drug-resistant impotence? A disease that can be diagnosed simply.

Suicidal risk has multifactorial causes.

Of course, there are still many avenues to explore. Among young people, it is still the second leading cause of death after road accidents. 75% of suicide deaths are men. Bur can we explore Impotence and suicidal risk among young men ?

National number. Suicide prevention: 3114 For more information on Impotence and Caverno-Venous Leakage: Center for the Study and Treatment of Impotence: Francophone Society of Sexual Medicine: #suicide #impotence #menshealth #venous leaks #prevention #public health #health #worldday #SFMS