Male impotence: let’s talk about it

male impotence

Male impotence: let’s talk about it

Let’s talk about male impotence:

Let’s talk about male impotence because impotence is still too often taboo despite the large number of couples who suffer from it. This is why the vast majority of men concerned consult little. However, today there are effective therapeutic solutions. In his book: Le Guide de l’Impatient (soon to be translated), Professor Eric Allaire clearly explains the mechanisms of erectile dysfunctions, their causes, their evolution and their treatments. It’s a first step to break the silence and start to heal.

So, let’s talk about male impotence: Yes, we are talking about it more and more. But do we talk about it enough? The answer is no if we are to believe the testimonies of patients who are seen at CETI. Professor Eric Allaire, Doctor Ronald Virag, Doctor Hélène Sussman and other specialists at the center regularly hear patients complain about the difficulty in finding information on the issue. The subject of impotence is still taboo. Whether in the media or by doctors. The media still talk very timidly about the subject. Yet more than 10% of men, of all ages, are affected in France.


Male impotence and information:

Each press article, each TV or radio broadcast allows more men to have access to information. Thanks to this information, they can be treated, if they wish.

Doctors are often too little trained in erectile dysfunction. This is why we have created a University Diploma (DU) “at La Sorbonne, in Paris. This diploma trains young doctors and surgeons in the management of erectile dysfunction.

So things are moving forward. Erectile dysfunction is being talked about more and more. This is how we will be able to treat more and more men. The fight is to be fought on several fronts: the media, social networks, health professionals. Thus the information will continue to become accessible to as many people as possible.