Male impotence or occasional sexual disorder ? 

Male impotence or occasional sexual disorder ? 

Male impotence or occasional sexual disorder ?

What are the true signs of male impotence ? This is a question that many men and women ask themselves. It is normal for a man to have a sexual weakness from time to time. But if the problem persists, he may be suffering from an erectile dysfunction, also called male impotence. So what is the difference between male impotence and sexual disorder ?

Male impotence has a precise definition and is not an occasional sexual disorder : “It is the persistent inability, for more than three months, to obtain or maintain an erection sufficiently rigid to allow satisfactory sexual intercourse”. The duration is important to define the disease. Therefore, an erectile problem after a busy day, a heavy meal or dissatisfactions is not systematically a sign of impotence.

The different causes of impotence :

The origin can be psychological or physical, sometimes even both at the same time. This is called a multifactorial cause.

Among the psychological causes, we find stress, depression, great fatigue, performance anxiety, addiction, …

Physical causes include vascular disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, obesity, certain neurological or hormonal diseases, but also the aftermath of an accident or the use of certain medications.

The physical men impotence causes have signs that help us understand.

Physical causes: the significant signs :

We have seen that the impossibility to have a satisfying sexual intercourse must be established for more than three months.

As Professor Eric Allaire explains, the disappearance of nocturnal or morning erections, the loss of erection when changing position, the improvement of the erection by pressure at the base of the penis as well as the ineffectiveness of medications such as Viagra are signs of a physical cause. Therefore, if these signs have been present for more than three months, you should consult a specialist, regardless of your age.
A specialist will be able to evaluate the cause of the symptom and prescribe the necessary tests to treat the disease responsible for the erectile dysfunction. Then, if the erection is not improved, specific treatments will be proposed to offer a satisfactory solution to each patient.

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