Online consultation for erectile dysfunction

online medical consultation erectile dysfunction Pr Eric Allaire

Online consultation for erectile dysfunction

Online medical consultation for erectile dysfunction

Online medical consultation facilitates access to an erectile dysfunction specialist wherever you live. During this consultation you will know the origin of your male impotence. You will find out if it has a psychological origin or if it is caused by a physical illness. Maybe you feel like you already know what is the reason of your impotence. The advice of a specialist will help you find out more precisely and hopefully cure the illness. At the end of this consultation, examinations will be prescribed for you.

Technology-supported consulting is a solution to the challenge of delivering healthcare to a population that can hardly speak of a specific disease. It is also an easy way to have a medical advice without having ta travel some times very far. Sometimes, when the specialists is abroad, you need to have a first advice to know if it is worth traveling.

The quality of the consultation:

Even if it is convenient to have a video consultation in the comfort and privacy of your own home, the quality in a virtual consultation is relevant. Professor Eric Allaire has a very human approach, the patient feels rapidly secure. At the end of the online consultation the patient will know a lot more about his disease. He will also have a prescription for medical examens if needed.

Of course, the specialist works with a team in Paris, the CETI, and everything will be organized to help your trip to France. Your examens will be scheduled before you come. You will be in contact with English speaking professionals.

You don’t need to be concerned about what might be missed during the online medical consultation for erectile dysfunction, in relation to the diagnosis. Professor Allaire explains you in this video that concerning erectile dysfunction and in relation to his significant expertise, an online line consultation is very efficient.

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